KnowHow Chain技术方案

Extraordinary DPOS+DPOKP Knowledge productivity power mechanism of consensus.

Knowhow Chain uses DPOS and DPOKP (Delegated Proof of Knowhow Power) to implement the block chain accounting and the consensus of data exchange mechanism. Within the KnowHow ecology, knowledge assets uses knowledge productivity power as value indicators. Each knowledge owners such as KOL, teachers, builders, scholars and technicians, entrepreneur will convert their individual IP, knowledge creation and knowledge products into knowledge productivity index, implementing incentive mechanism based the contribution.

The offering mechanism of the exclusive knowledge assets proof- DAT(Decentralized autonomous organizations Token)

Knowhow chain platform and the DAPP ecology it supports, is in the service of issuing exclusive Token for knowledge owners. This process uses ‘DAO(Decentralized autonomous organizations)Token’ issue mechanism to protect the interests of investors and to prevent misappropriation. DAT is an intelligent contract, including two voting mechanism: "Power" and "Refund". "Power" is a variable, it decides the speed of issuers extracting assets from the intelligent contract. , Money would be unblocked and flows into the issuer's account only when certain criteria is met. "Refound" indicates ‘the right to vote’ for investors, if investors are not satisfied with the issuer's performance, vote will be held and the amount they invest could be refunded.

Knowledge economic scenarios integrate with online payment solution, investors earnings are separated in real-time, enhancing the closed loop model of the knowledge economy.

The scenarios that KnowHow Chain platform supports, such as online education, live, knowledge sharing, etc. is based on trusted trading data by block Chain. This fulfill the integration of payment system with each knowledge consumption, such as tuition fees, ‘paid to read’, etc. All the listed scenario above will be in accordance with the terms of the intelligent contracts, transferring a real-time earnings into investors‘ account. This indicates the realization of value guarantee mechanism within Token, and endogenously closed loop model of the knowledge economy.

KnowHow Chain应用场景

  • The people-foremost modern education philosophy advocates respect and recognition of people’s subject value to motivate and give play to the subjective initiative of teachers and students.

  • For example, publishing houses which publishes books, periodicals and other copyrighted publications, such as CITIC Press, People’s Education Press, Chung Hwa Book Company, SDX Joint Publishing Company

  • The network platform of group communication, the knowledge produced and the maintenance mechanism of group.

  • Multiple online live interaction, rich communication, simple and fast communication, easy to use.

  • Autonomous communicators deliver normative new media to a modern, non-specific majority.

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The KnownHow Chain foundation

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KHC Block chain network

Development and planning


Project initiation Company registration Establishment of the overseas foundation


White paper in Chinese and English Official website went live Global roadshow of the project


Private placement initiated Source codes became open source Establishment of developer community


Global node deployment


Main network framework release First online education DAPP internal measurement, publishing, DAPP application ecology improvement


  • Liu Xiaoying

    Liu Xiao ying

    Chairman of the Advisory Group
    Founding partner of the Eagles Fund, partner of Xinlongmai Holding Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Fortune Holdings Limited, Vice President of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, promotor of Flying Eable Cycling Club; invest in 30 enterprises every year
  • Shentu Qingchun

    shen tu qing chun

    General architect
    Founder of, Vice President of Asian Blockchain DACA Association, Executive Vice Secretary-General of Financial Blockchain Cooperation Alliance. Member of Shenzhen Financial Standard Committee, doctor from Shenzhen University, senior engineer, high-level talent in Shenzhen, evaluation expert for governmetn procurement in Shenzhen. Won Science and Technology Innovation Award in Shenzhen in 2008, the Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Advancement in Guangdong Province in 2009, 4 authorizations of patent of invention, the Invention Award in Shenzhen in 2012. Seinor blockchain research expert. Founded in 2012, started to research blockchain in 2013, switched to the financial industry in 2016. Published over 20 technical papers related to blockchain.
  • Li Zhu

    li zhu

    Pilot Advisor
    Founder of InnoAgenl Fund, President of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, Honorary President of Tsinghua University Alumni Internet and New Media Association (TMT). He has invested in more than 200 projects with managed fund size exceeding RMB 2 billion. His investment cases include YooZoo,,, Tecsun, PowerVision, etc.


  • 张敏

    zhang min

    中国青年天使会荣誉会长、合力投资 管理合伙人。投资案例:墨迹天气、万表网好贷网、淘当铺、擎天柱、微知、聚信立、恒源电动车、量子金服、Hyperloop One、库伯特机器人、驹马物流等
  • 陈雪涛

    Chen Xue Tao

    Founding partner of Linxi Venture Capital, partner of GeekFounders, honorary member of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, President of Founding Association of Tsinghua Big Data Industry Alliance, formerly worked in MOTO, HTW, Dopod Communication, HTC, VIA, etc. Invested projects:, Smartisan, Leishen,, inWatch, etc.
  • 周丽霞


    拥有二十余年企业管理经验和十余年股权投资经验,早年创建进口贸易公司、铅锌选矿厂等企业,近年来主持组建十余只基金,具有丰富的基金管理经验,投资案例包括天宜上佳、易企秀、POP MART(泡泡玛特)、豆丁网、首都在线、Hey Juice、宜搜、汇伦生命科技等项目在内的近百家企业红舟财富董事长,并担任中国青年天使会副会长、中国创投委常务理事、北京市东城区政协常委、北京市东城区青联副主席、北京市工商联执委等社会职务,并多次受邀在中央电视台财经频道、北京卫视、深圳卫视、内蒙古卫视等财经节目中担任投资人嘉宾。
  • 杨向阳


    SAIF Partners合伙人
    毕业于清华大学应用数学系,获理学硕士和学士学位,深圳市第四、五届政协委员,清华企业家协会主席,深圳市创新总裁俱乐部常务副会长,华汇通投资投资委员会中方主席,以及SAIF Partners的投资合伙人
  • 沈波


    分布式资本合伙人,比特股的创始团队,同时在对冲基金,投行和证券领域有丰富的知识和经验,“分布式资本”是中国规模最大的区块链投资基金,成立于2015年10月,由万向控股出资5000万美金发起,目前已在全球投资了40家公司。沈波与向控股副董事长肖风、以太坊创始人Vitalik Buterin出任合伙人。
  • 赵燱璇

    Zhao YI XUAN

    Founding partner of Baosheng Capital, Vice Director-general and Treasurer of Cooperative Organization on Traditoinal Chinese Medicine of the United Nations, Legal Representative of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Development Fund of the United Nations
  • 王利杰




  • 谢宏中


    Founder of YunChou, a national-level Hi-Tech enterprise in China, member of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association. Won the award of China MBA Top Ten Elites in 2015. Won the award of China Top 50 CIO in 2005. Executive Vice President of Wondershare from 2006 to 2011, an international leading software enterprise in China, during which he was in charge of development of the e-learning system, Courseware Authoring and other education-related software, with products selling to more than 50 countries and regions and annual sales exceeding RMB 100 million. The enterprsies he founded were invested by IDG, Hongling Capital, Yiyi Angel Investment and other well-knolwn institutional venture capital.
  • 梁润龙

    liang run long

    Ecological director
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Longji Mother Fund: he created the Dragon Token during 2013-2015 and he is the investor of star projects in the coin circle, such as VeChain, PST, Genaro, Chain Fund, TNB, MDS, AIDOC, SCC, Selfkey, Arts, Electronic PK Chain, etc.
  • 王钢

    wang gang

    Product directo
    A senior member of the coin circle; started to issue the digital asset chain in 2013; senior blockchain application expert
  • 刘国强


    Technical director
    Co-founder and CTO of 268 Education Group. Former Communication Research and Development Engineer of, one of the first Internet enterpriess in China, former senior software engineer of Tomorrow Advancing Life, the biggest K12 training organization in China, former CTO of the founding team of of
  • 陈宏桦

    Chen Hong Hua

    Operation Director
    Top graduate of the computer major of Sidney University, firm believer of blockchain encrypted currencies: specialized in C++/Pathon development tools, profound blockchain community foundation and operation experience abroad, rich experience in offline roadshow preparation; invested and participated in over 50 currency fund projects.
  • 吕玮

    LV WEI

    Director of the media
    Former departmental editor-in-chief of Shenzhen Evening News, former CEO of Shenzhen Great China Media, former CEO of CHTTV Macao. Created a new model of development of the media industry; former consecutive champion of Sina Video reading of female talk shows, with accumulated reading exceeding 100 million within 6 months, the hottest variety show in Asia after broadcasting for 16 months.
  • 涂小强


    We are entering a world of Internet of things. The user experience design is no longer limited to the screen of the device. It involves many different systems and processes that interact with each other. The emerging user experience design includes service involvement and content strategy.
  • 庞恩辽

    pang en liao

    Founder of the education group
    CEO of Beijing Yizhilu Education Technology Co., Ltd., founder of 268 Eduction Group, international first-class online education total solution provider. Team members have more than 10 years of online education technology experience and the team has served over 100 listed education enterprises (A-share Market, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations).


  • 张羿文

    Zhang Yi Wen

    Overseas representatives
    Mr. Zhang had been studying in the United States since he was very young, so he has very rich experience in studying diversified eastern and western culture and social experience. Convener of the Integration of Three Networks across Taiwan Straits of the Ministry of Economy, Chairman of the World Chinese Commerce Sustainable Development Association, Director of the Chinese Digital Currency Association, Advisor to Industrial Economy Research Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI), Chief Representative of Greater China of KnowHow Chain.
  • 乔之东

    qiao zhi dong

    Project Consultant
    Partner of Lingchou Capital, promotor of China Investor Center, founding partner of Junzi Capital, founding partner of Bmore Capital, Director-general of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, director of Zhongguancun Angel Alliance
  • 杨宁

    yang ning

    Project Consultant
    毕业于斯坦福大学。 原天空网创始人,乐博资本创始合伙人,中国青年天使会 首任会长。
  • 赵大伟

    zhao da wei

    和君集团合伙人,传统企业互联网转型实战专家。畅销书《互联网思维独孤九剑》作者 ,清华大学、厦门大学、中国政法大学等高校 MBA 讲师,为传统企 业提供基于互联网思维的战略规划、商业模式设计、营销落地运营和组织变革 等系统服务。
  • 袁晔

    yuan ye


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